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Me & my: Xeikon 3300

Having acquired a taste for Xeikons, not to mention the toner, Mercian Labels is using its latest press to expand the boundaries of label print.

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Mercian Labels encourage microbreweries to amend label content

Mercian Labels is urging UK microbreweries to review their labeling to ensure that they support the UK government’s current alcohol strategy. ML will help the microbreweries in this process with their new Xeikon 3300 digital labelling process, which enables customers to order exactly what they need over any number of designs with no conventional printing plate charges.

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Integrity plans labels push

Integrity Print is aiming to double the size of its label printing business as the group adapts to shifting demand in its core markets. The Midsomer Norton headquartered business acquired Topflite Labels over three years ago, and subsequently invested in new equipment for the operation including Xeikon 3300 digital label press.

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First Installation of Xeikon’s ThermoFlexX

French printer first to reap rewards of Xeikon’s new flexo plate imager

Eede, The Netherlands — 14 May 2012 — Xeikon announces that Ghesquières, a French-based print service provider specializing in the printing and finishing of envelopes, has installed a ThermoFlexX 20, one of the products from Xeikon’s new ThermoFlexX series of high quality digital imagers for flexographic and letterpress plate making. As well as delivering productivity gains by eliminating the need for film and labor, the ThermoFlexX solution offers Ghesquières significant improvements in print quality, faster turnaround time and increased capacity. Ghesquières is a part of the Spanish based TOMPLA group. Continue Reading…

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Faret s.a. Gains Competitive Advantage with Xeikon 3050

First Xeikon 3050 sold in Chile

Eede, The Netherlands — 12 May 2012 — Faret, a Chilean label converter specializing in folding carton packaging, has selected the Xeikon 3050 digital label press for its entry into digital printing. The unique combination of 1200 dpi quality, wide substrate range and scalable web widths up to B2 format offered by the Xeikon 3050 provides Faret the flexibility to meet the growing demand for shorter runs in the folding carton market. Continue Reading…

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ProLabel installs an entry-level Xeikon 3030 as the US flexo industry continues its shift toward digital labels

South Florida-based ProLabel founder Ramon Fernandez commented that he began to eye digital presses as a result of customers increasingly looking for shorter runs and faster turnarounds. He found the Xeikon 3030 which delivers high-quality labels in a much shorter timeframe. The Xeikon 3030 can handle web widths of up to 13 inches to meet growing demand.

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The Benefits of Using Label Traxx at ProLabel


Ramon Fernandez, ProLabelRamon Fernandez is no newcomer to the label business. He broke into the trade in the early 1980s, doing prepress in the days of rubber plates and engraving. Fernandez’s career then took him into sales, and in 1995 he opened ProLabel in Hollywood, Florida. By 2000, ProLabel had outgrown the Hollywood operation and moved to a 15,000 square foot facility in Miami Gardens. With a dozen or so employees working just one shift, ProLabel today boasts some $3 million in sales, printing nutraceutical and food labels for manufacturers in the South Florida and Caribbean markets.

ProLabel operates two traditional flexographic presses, including a new 13- inch Aquaflex servo machine purchased in 2009. But Fernandez’s crown jewel is a Xeikon 3030 digital press he bought in late 2011. Discussing his transition from flexography to digital, Fernandez says: “Maybe because I got my start in prepress, I always buy new machinery, rather than used, to get access to the latest technology. I understand how fast technology moves, so I also do a lot of research before I buy. Before purchasing, I looked hard at all the digital printers available, and settled on the Xeikon because of its quality of print, durability, and customer support.”

The move to digital printing has changed the ProLabel business. Says Fernandez: “We are seeing orders with much shorter runs, and requiring much quicker turnarounds. These factors mean we needed to streamline our workflow. And, it has necessitated a significant change in how we sell our capability. Today we not only go after a different kind of business, we are able to help our customers buy smarter.”

Changing a business model so dramatically means changing work­flows well beyond the press as well. As part of that change, in 2008 ProLabel installed new MIS software. “In today’s market,” says Fernan­dez, “producing accurate estimates and tracking costs precisely are more important than ever. Our old software was written  for flexo production, but the developer had not updated it to accommodate the new digital environment. To accommodate our business today, we replaced our old system and went with Label Traxx.”

Alain Fernandez, ProLabel

“Being digital means that data is the key to our business,” says Fernandez. After installing Label Traxx, we found we were making money on jobs we thought were priced very competitively, and were losing money on others that appeared very profitable.” Fernandez was impressed with the fact that Label Traxx—developed by Tailored Solutions of Milwaukee, Wisconsin — was written by people who had worked in the label trade, and that it is maintained and managed by those same people today. Says Fernandez: “I have a brother who is an IT professional. He says that Label Traxx is unlike most software companies, in that the customer support personnel understand not only how their software was written, but how the label business works. We find that hands-on experience particularly important when we call for support. Answers to our questions always come quickly, without our having to explain to a computer geek the ins and outs of our business.”

ProLabel's Xeikon 3030With Label Traxx already in place when ProLabel bought their new Xeikon, Fernandez was a little concerned about whether his software would work properly under dramatically different operating conditions. “After all, Label Traxx has a reputation for being closely aligned with HP and its Indigo machines, and with the Esko workflow. At ProLabel, however, we use an Adobe workflow, so we knew we would be taking Label Traxx down a slightly different road with the Xeikon. But because they understood our business so well, the Label Traxx support personnel and technicians were able to help us integrate the Xeikon into our MIS system almost effortlessly. A key to integrating the new Xeikon into Label Traxx was the fact that the program is extremely flexible.”

Label TraxxThe ability to generate custom reports that track his business is particularly important to Fernandez. “Producing reports that show whatever we need to know is a snap with Label Traxx. The system produces more data than we ever had, but lets us manage it easily. Every ProLabel employee uses Label Traxx, and new hires have no problem adapting to it when they come on board.” Although Label Traxx offers dual language capability, including Spanish, Fernandez—a second-generation Cuban—is proud to be an American and insists that all work be done in English.

Less than six months after installing the new Xeikon, the ProLabel volume was roughly half digital and half flexographic. Says Fernandez: “Changing our business that much yet continuing to operate with the same software is really remarkable. I can’t imagine that any other software could have dealt with our changed business model with such ease. As our business evolves so does Label Traxx.”

Tailored Solutions, Inc.
10437 Innovation Dr., Ste. 229 • Milwaukee, WI 53226
Phone: 414.774.9997 •

157 Woodhead Road • Holmbridge • Holmfirth
HD9 2NW • UK
+44 (0)1484 691 817
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Significance of Various Label Printing Machines for Business

The label printing machine is a piece of equipment that can be efficiently used for official purposes. These printers are basically computer printers that can print on any type of tags or sticker labels.

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Xeikon 3030 / 3050

The Xeikon 3000 series offers a range of high-performance digital presses that set the standard for digital label printing. All models of the Xeikon 3000 Series are packed with features to make sure they produce nothing less than head-turning print quality.

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